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“There are other companies that can do what we do, but no one does it  like we do it”.

Kevin Jensen


Witech Industries

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High Level of Engineering and Flexibility


 The Standard Trailer Spec has a Mast designed to extend to heights ranging from 10ft to 30ft 

Customized Equipment


 We are dedicated to supply the most reliable and cost-effective solution 

Our Products

3x4 Trailers


Some brief information about our 3x4 trailers.

4x6 Trailers

4x6 custom trailer

 Some brief information about our 4x6 trailers. 

5x8 Trailers

5x8 custom trailer

 Some brief information about our 5x8 trailers. 

Custom Solar & Skids

custom solar and skid trailer

 Some brief information about our custom solar & skids. 

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Witech Industries

Arizona, United States

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