Company Information


Witech Industries has been a leader in “Customized” Mobile Power Solutions for nearly 11 years. Every unit we sell is uniquely configured to each Customer’s specific application. We are dedicated to supply the most reliable and cost-effective solution for any Customer’s Portable Power Needs. Witech Industries large selection of Solar Power Trailers, Solar Power Skids, Telescoping Masts and other Customized Equipment is perfectly designed for any terrain or application. Every unit is highly configurable and can operate in remote areas and tight spaces with ease. While being pulled, the reliability and design of the equipment ensures it to be secure on roads, rough terrain and in high winds.


The combination of world class material, high level of engineering and flexibility in our designs, enables Witech to offer Trailers with Chassis’ that range from 3ft x 3ft (fit on a sidewalk), up to 8ft x 24ft. The Standard Trailer Spec has a Mast designed to extend to heights ranging from 10ft to 30ft. Witech Industries has also manufactured Custom Trailers that have required 70ft Electric Masts, Gas Generators and Power Outlets. All Trailers are manufactured with extendable outriggers which keep them steady and supported regardless of terrain or the outside elements. Whether in the Private Sector (Mining, Agriculture, Construction, Surveillance, Oil and Gas Etc..) or on the Local/Federal Government Level (Border Patrol, Disaster Recovery, Dept. of Transportation, Road Weather Information Systems “RWIS”, Intelligent Transportation System “ITS”, Etc...), our products are perfect for extending, installing or modifying a communication network, Security Cameras, Data Reporting Instrumentation or any other application.  Witech Industries remains committed to the Fabrication and Manufacturing of Reliable and Dependable “Mobile” Solar Equipment.


Mission Statement


Our mission is to maintain a global reputation for being the Premier Producer of Customized Solar Power Trailers, Solar/Power Skids and Masts in the Industry.

We CHOOSE to make it easy for our customers to do business with us.

We remain committed to continued improvement of product knowledge and excellence in service.

It is our goal to establish a relationship that will be long lasting; one that includes integrity, honesty, loyalty, professionalism, friendship and mutual confidence.

It is our pledge and commitment that:

· We will provide an affordable and reliable product to our customers

· Our customers will have direct access to us for all products and customer service questions

· Every order will be reviewed for quality and accuracy before being delivered

“There are other companies that can do what we do, but no one does it  like we do it”.

Kevin Jensen


Witech Industries